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Welcome to my gemlog/flight journal! Call me eph (pronounced /ɛf/).

I'm a 26 year old guy who got into geminispace sometime last Thursday. I graduated in 2020 from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Linguistics, and am a student of Byzantine music. Feel free to send me a misfin message at eph [at] hashnix.club!

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This capsule best viewed with Lagrange

          |   .
   `.  *  |     .'
     `. ._|_* .'  .
   . * .'   `.  *
-------|     |-------
   .  *`.___.' *  .
      .'  |* `.  *
    .' *  |  . `.
        . |
          | jgs
Stillness and patience create safety
the Jewel of the World preserves itself.
Torn-up flowers die in unskilled hands
and perverse gardeners flourish
exclaiming on the merits of barren pools.


Come to me, says the Way.
The way seems long
Because you cannot see the end.
But when you reach the end and look back,
The way will seem so very short,
And you will see that you could never have known happiness
Unless you had known that sadness,
That sadness of following the way which seemed so long.

You will be thankful.
You will be glad that things happened just as they did,
That they are just as they are.
You will be thankful in the harbor,
If only you can endure to the end.