D'ni mushroom bread

Monday, November 15th, 2021 AD

I found this recipe on an old Tumblr blog that I think is no longer updated. The original post is by now eight years old, so I decided to preserve it here just in case Tumblr has a catastrophic failure or it disappears at some point.

Myst: Uru -- D'ni Mushroom Bread

The original post begins below! ------

The Myst series is possibly one of the greatest I have ever encountered, with Myst III: Exile being my personal favourite (it has Brad Dourif in it - automatic win). I’m a huge fan of puzzles, story and exploration, and Myst always satisfies on each of these levels. The cultural detail of the worlds you encounter through every game is outstanding; incredible minutae is written about in the multitude of books scattered throughout - including the mention of a mushroom spore bread from the Teledahn, or ‘Mushroom’, Age. A delicacy for the elite, spores were harvested so furiously to make the outstanding Mushroom Bread all resources dried up, and the age had to be abandoned.

This recipe makes 2 loaves.

What you will need: A frying pan, a large mixing bowl, a sieve and cling film/saran wrap.


Making the D'ni Mushroom Bread:

I was seriously worried about making a bread like this, but I was incredibly impressed with myself afterwards! The D'ni Mushroom Bread is so wonderfully fragrant and soft, it would compliment any platter of meats, cheeses and chutneys or ideal with fresh soups.