A Book of Proverbs

1.  Plain text only, please.
    No videos, pictures, VR,
    or what have you.
    Audio may be OK,
    but watch yourself.

2.  Prefer books,
    paper, pen, a deck of cards:
    the ancient, resilient tech.
    Quiet and undistinguished.

3.  Avoid the Feed.
    A bottomless coffee cup
    has an infinity
    of bad coffee in it.
    "All good things
    must come to an end."

4.  I'd rather write an essay
    to five people who care
    than write a tweet
    to 5,000 who don't.

5.  Boredom can be power.
    Did you know that you can use it?

6.  You don't push;
    I pull.

7.  No likes,
    no favorites,
    no subscriptions,
    no comments section,
    no replies.

8.  Social media
    makes you stupid,
    then crazy.

9.  You can't find
    time, silence, and deep thought
    but those are the things
    you need most.

10. Do you need _more_ information,
    or do you need to think through
    the information you already _have_?

11. Don't look at your phone.
    Not necessary,
    not desirable,
    not needed,
    not wanted.
    Whatever it is,
    I bet it can wait
    till you get back
    to your computer.

12. Turn off notifications.

13. They want to replace
    your attention with excitement
    and your thoughts and actions
    with their thoughts
    and the illusion of action.

14. Everything that you crave online,
    someone has designed it
    to evoke those cravings.
    You are being manipulated.
    If you keep pushing their lever
    over and over again
    until you die,
    that's "mission accomplished" for them.
    The designers of these systems
    don't know you,
    don't like you,
    and they don't wish you well.

15. Try not looking it up.