Some Haikus

March 16, 2022

send the reports to
the governing councilmen
trudging through the mud

oh man, I forgot to end it with 'Mogami River' :^)


identity overload
we do a little trolling
I cannot say this ↑


reading something cool
check who wrote the cool thing now
oh no, crazy lad


my left eye hurts some
burning feeling on it
allergy season 🌾

March 17, 2022

springtime sun shines down
do not police my speaking
I will not listen 🌦

March 18, 2022

egg yolk dawn graces
the Mississippi flows
the birds sing again πŸ•Š

March 20, 2022

o my soul take heed
before thee is Bread of Life
the Sacred Myst’ry


the Author of all
rose from the dead for our sake
Great Lakes give honor


soul, prepare, listen
now is the time to repent
the Jordan reversed 🏞


April 21, 2022

today, light and dark,
joy and sadness combine in
the omen of life β˜€


Today the Master
Maker of all is betrayed
an untruthful kiss


Hide your face O Sun πŸŒ₯
Veil yourself, O Moon above! πŸŒ‘
We wait in the night


We will sing to Life,
"Arise O God and judge earth!"
Sunrise will come soon πŸŒ„