Monday, November 29th, 2021AD

Hey again,

I thought about what I wrote yesterday. I think I’m expecting too much of myself. I applied for a job today, I’m going to work tomorrow, and I have a good place to sleep. Slava Domnului.

Speaking of sleep, I know I haven’t gotten enough sleep recently by my phone’s reckoning. I think I procrastinate when goingg to bed, as if there’s just one more matter I have to attend to, or one last conversation to have over discord, or one final video to watch on YouTube. I’d like to understand why I put off going to sleep (like I’m doing right now!)

I’ll check my phone’s usage log and see what holds my attention at night. I don’t have much by way of social media, so I think I’m distracted by YouTube and geminispace. Probably.

Say, here’s an idea for a next post: how about a quick overview of some parts of my familiolect?

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