Yesterday I sang the Liturgy in Byzantine chant at another church than the one I usually attend. It was stressful (I was protopsaltis and it was my first rodeo at that particular klḗros), but ultimately it was a good experience. I really enjoyed improvizing during the Anaphora, the Cherubic Hymn, and the communion hymn. The 2 other chanters were good isokratḗs and I appreciated their help in pointing me to the right hymns for the day and filling in the places I was unsure on.

The weather has been beautiful, and spring is finally here. It's pretty warm here most days, sometimes even getting to 75℉. I've been playing koi-koi with my family and a solitaire matching game outside using a hanafuda deck I recently bought. It's pretty fun.

I'm still looking for work. Because of this music program, I'll probably stick to looking for part-time/afternoons. It certainly seems like no company ever returns an application.

Mi (suprizante) trovis laborafiŝon por "lokalizisto esperanta". Evidente, mi kandidatigis por la laboro. Mi ne scias, se mi estos la elektita kandidato, tamen mi povas esperi! La firmao volus, ke mi esperantiĝas programaron (se mi la kandidato elektita estos). Kial esperanto, mi ne scias – ĉu granda merkato de esperanta programaro ekzistas? Mi suspektas, ke tiu laborafiŝo estis afiŝita automate kaj ili ne bezonas esperantajn lokalizistojn. Tamen, estas posibile (sed ne verŝajne) ke Mozilla volas kontrakti kun tiun firmao por kreii novajn lingvapakojn al Firefox ili io.

I've got some work to do here. I'll write again soon!

You shone from Rome as a great sun and reached the royal city, O most blessed one,
enlightening it by your words and deeds, and dispersing the darkness of foolishness.
Therefore, we honor you, O Venerable Arsenios, glory of the Fathers!

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