May 1st

Христос Возкресе!

I didn't have class today as it's the first of May, so I'm going to practice singing on my own. There's this tricky exercise I'm working on where you go down 3 notes in total, ascend 2 notes, then leap down to the lowest note in the phrase, then back up 1 to the note you skipped. I'll illustrate it using parallagḗ (which are solfegé but for Byzantine music lol)

Pl. 4, d: Nn ← this is an approximation of þ mode; this one is basically a Cmaj 
			   scale (not exactly but whatever lol)

Ni`nn:		 ← this is an approximation of a 'martyria', i.e. which note to sing
Pa` Ni` Zo Ke Zo Ni` Ke,
Ni Zo♭ Ke Di Ke Zo♭ Di, 	← Zo is attracted to Di in this mode ∴ it's flat
Zo♭ Ke Di Ga Di Ke Ga,
Ke Di Ga Vou Ga Di Vou,
Di Ga Vou Pa Vou Ga Pa,
Ga Vou Pa Ni Zo-Ni Ni

I'm ok with the sounds, it's just the names of the letters that I'm having trouble with. Basically, I need more practice (and I'm procrastinating a little bit lol).

I'm going to drink more coffee and get back to practicing now. I'll write again soon.

Воскрешења ден, просвєтимо се, људи
Пасха, Господа Пасха: од смрти ко житју,
и од земје ко небеси,
Христос Бог нас прєведе,
мы пєвајуче победны химн

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