Bright Friday

Christ is risen! Kristo leviĝis! Hristos a înviat! Христос воскресе! Hristos vozkrese!

It's been a while since I've written here. Overall things are going well: I'm progressing in the Byzantine music program (we're on break until after Bright Week), I'm still looking for work, and I'm considering going to study abroad for a year.

Честно, я не вѣм ѥстли я двигаю се к правому смѣру. Я трѣбую прѣстати сравнянѥ живота моѥго с животом иночиӥм.

Like I said earlier, things are going well. Mi retbabilas kun mia (kor?)amikino; mi devas peti ŝin pri nia rilato, eble oficigi la rilaton 🤔.

Anyway, I've got stuff to do. Happy Pascha!

Paschal Kontakion, plagal 4th
Thou didst descend into the tomb, O Immortal,
Thou didst destroy the power of death.
In victory didst Thou arise, O Christ God,
proclaiming, “Rejoice!” to the Myrrhbearing Women,
granting peace to Thine Apostles,
and bestowing Resurrection on the fallen!

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