Train trip finale

Oof-da I'm tired. Two misfortunes happened to me last night, the first was the 4½ hr delay, the second was the invalid connection. Even though I had a ticket for a train that I missed because the railroad was late, there was some issue with the reservation so they couldn't compensate me or give me a reduced fare. In fact, I had to pay another $15 for the next day's train. Annoying, but I kinda expected this from America's least reliable (and only!) passenger rail.

I was able to find a hotel, and I did sleep well, but I'm still shaky and tired. Learning last night that I wasn't included in the "inconvenienced passenger" list was a little stressful, but I think it worked out ok. I stayed a night at the same hotel as before, had some good breakfast, and will leave for home in the afternoon.

The experience on board the train was alright, though I didn't sleep well. We hit some very rough track as the sun was going down, and I was way too warm even though the AC was on (in January lol). I had some nice discussions with other passengers in the dining car. I met this older couple from Florida. They told me all about the ducks they keep in their yard, their grandkids, their music, and their aircraft. They were fun to talk to, though I felt pretty burnt out and spent most of my time afterward in my compartment.

Ĉi vojaĝo estis amuza, sed mi ne povas pasigi multan tempon je vojaĝoj. Mi volas iri al hejmo, kaj fari la sekvan aferon. Mi pensis pri mian rilaton kun la virino, kiu loĝas en Rumanio kaj kiu al mi mesaĝas preskaŭ ĉiutage. Ĉu ŝi min ŝatas? Mi petos al ŝi pri tion. Estas kiel Zamenhofo diris:

Kiu ne petas, tiu ne ricevas.

Ŝi al mi mankas.

I'm ready to go home. Se la sekva vagonaro malfruas, mi sentos seniluziigita.

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