Train trip day 4 & 5

Hi again!

I forgot to write yesterday. My impromptu vacation is coming to an end, (though it's not done yet!) and I wanted to write a little more about what I've done so far.


Yesterday (2022-01-20) I visited a museum of nuclear science. They had artifacts from WWII, replicas of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and a MiG jet fighter from the Soviet Union. It was an absolutely incredible set of exhibits; I had no idea that the bombs were so large and that Los Alamos was a complete small town hidden by the government. There'd be no way to make a town like that now.

After visiting the museum, I went on a hike through the foothills of the mountains nearby. It was an amazing view, and I was glad that I visited in the winter: it started to snow! I uploaded a photo of the view, please excuse the dithering.

Yesterday was really fun, and I'm glad I visited when I did.


Today, the train was delayed by about five hours. Apparently someone had stolen the copper wire from the signals on a section of the track, which kept the train from using that section. My hosts were planning to meet some of their friends, so they went to brunch while I packed my things (and drank a lot of tea 🍵). My hosts were gracious, and I really enjoyed staying with them. They dropped me off at the train station close to when the train was arriving, (i.e. 4½ hours after the scheduled departure), and I got on board. I had a nice dinner and met some new people, and I'm excited to sleep again on board. I had a connecting train to my final destination that I've definitely missed, so I'll have to ask at the terminal about other options.

Maybe I'll check out the observation car tomorrow. I think train travel is my favorite method of travel, but you need a very flexible schedule 😂.

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