Train trip day 3

Hey Gemini!

I've arrived at my destination! What a nice time on the train. I felt the gentle rocking motions of the train last night as I fell asleep; there is nothing as wonderful as sleeping on board the train. When I awoke I took a quick shower, and while cold, it still felt refreshing. I had some eggs for breakfast and drank some decent coffee. I did some work in the observation car and reconnected with a fellow I had met at the origin of the train. He and I talked about spirituality for a while. I think he had some crazy ideas about multiple dimensions and 'programming the physical world', but ultimately I think he is looking for the truth (I guess we all are in some way.) Miaopinie, li bezonas iri al ortodoksa kirko por ĉeesti la Sankta Liturgio.

After that long long discussion, I went back to my compartment and did some work on a document I'm preparing. I watched the snow fall on the mountains and the red-brown earth pass by.

Mi mesaĝis kun la virino de rumanujo, kiun renkontis mi ĉe kongreso lastasomere. Honeste, ŝi mankas al mi. iom pripensi.

I met some friends (who are graciously hosting me) and we made a simple but delicious dinner of carrots, peppers, and chicken, all baked on a single tray for 20 minutes at 425℉. They have a friendly little dog who loves to sit on people and be scritched. He's a good boy, and reminds me of how friendly the cat at home is.

I'm excited to see what tomorrow will bring. Goodnight!

📅 2023-01-18

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