Train trip day 2


Today has been rather relaxing. I'm writing this in the observation car on the train to the Southwest proper. There's an amish fellow gesturing at me and talking to his family in Pennsylvania Dutch (weird Anabaptist German); I'm pretty sure I heard the word 'computer'. The anabaptists who ride the trains are weird folks, generally insular with absolutely _insane_ theology. Eventually he made me uncomfortable by staring at me, so I went back to my compartment.

Anyway, today was relaxing. I had a panini for breakfast from the hotel (and entirely too much espresso 😆), some sushi for lunch, and dinner on the train.

Earlier, while waiting to board the train, I went to the food court at a really famous building to buy sushi. Everybody there seemed like a business student or some kind of consultant, and I think I understand now what my former boss was trying to cultivate, (but forget him lmao). I tried to get upstairs to an outdoor terrace to take some photos but the elevators require security clearance (!) and there were no stairs that I could see, so I wasn't able to go up. The sushi was really good, even if I couldn't eat it on the roof.

So far, the trip has been really enjoyable. I am tired from the travel, and I'm noticing that the sleeper car I'm in has fewer opportunities for conversation on account of all the anabaptist немецкий язык going on. There might be some people downstairs that I could talk to.

Dinner on board the train was excellent. I really enjoyed how it tasted. The only thing I missed was talking to new people in the dining car. I'll take some time to rest tonight and get up early tomorrow.

Slava Bogu za vse!

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