Train trip day 1


I'm on my way to the Southwest for some sightseeing! I saved some money and decided to take the train down. Unfortunately, this means that I'm already "late" by 6 hours (yay Amtrak!). The train had electrical problems where a car wasn't routing power from the engines to the rest of the train, like a burned out bulb on a string of Christmas lights.

This is a solo trip, like to the conference in the summer. Because I'm taking the train, I'm meeting a lot of interesting people, like Zach, the guy who went to Burning Man, and Marija, the flamenco guitarist from Milwaukee. I also ran into a friend of mine who's travelling home on the train. I haven't seen her in a few months; apparently she drove her van across the country and worked at a pistacio farm! She built using adobe bricks there. She told me about an obelisk that one of the other workers at the farm built (the farm is also kinda an art collective or something, idk lol), and what it would mean.

It's fun to travel solo, but I wish I had a friend with me.

Future plans

I have to get a CV put together. I have an American-style resume, but I don't have a CV. Tomorrow, I think I'll investigate getting an unofficial transcript from my alma mater so I cave a list of classes I've taken. It's all to apply to a music theory program in Europe, which I hope I'll get into. If not, it's not a massive loss. There are other options and other things to do.



The train was EIGHT HOURS late to its final destination. I'm still not too disappointed however: I'm staying the night in a nice hotel close to the station. I'll wake up tomorrow and have some coffee, look around for a bit, and then go back to the station for the next leg of the journey. I'm going to bed; goodnight!

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