Hey hey everyone! Christmas is on its way, and I'm excited. I'm hoping your holidays are merry and bright.

It's been a little while since I've updated my gemlog. I have a train trip planned for the new year, which I'm looking forward to. A few days ago I celebrated a friend's birthday at a bowling alley. It was a little awkward (de exemplu, one of the guys balanced his checkbook at the bowling lane lol), but overall the evening was enjoyable. I'm pretty sure I pulled a tendon in my hand by carelessly using too-heavy bowling balls, but whatever lol, my hand's KT taped.

From reading Niccolo Soldo's RSS feed, I found a BBC program [1] about the collapse of communism and then democracy in Russia. What a disaster Gaidar's "shock therapy" was. My crazy conspiracy theory is that his American economic advisors had some relationship with the CIA to dismantle the Soviet enemy once and for all (конечно, у меня нет доказательство). Also interesting from FbF, a discussion about living standards in the Wester world and how they seem to have declined, i.e. the standard of a "middle class household" in the 1990s now requires a $400k/yr income [2].

[1] TraumaZone
[2] Discussion: Western Living Standards Then and Now

I'll write more later. I'm tired and it's snowing – I'll enjoy this moment and come up with a longer post next time.

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