Making plans

Today I took a look at the tourist websites for a few cities that I might want to visit. I’m excited to go travel, especially because these cities are places I’ve never been to, and are in an environment I’ve never visited before.

One of the cities had a really broken website which talked more about the tourism bureaucracy than cool things to do in the city; I probably won’t go all the way there. That same city has a lot of problems in its economy and a high crime rate, which is another factor pushing me away from visiting.

Snow on the ground; in the meantime

It’s snowed about a foot or two here, so I spent some time today shoveling the driveway. Being recently unemployed, I have a lot of time to think and shovel snow. My master plan is to set up this trip and then find employment. The trip won’t act as a deadline per se, but it will be an event to plan around, as well as something to look forward to.

I’ve been drinking a lot of instant coffee and staying up way too late. There’s a monastery near one of the cities I looked at today—perhaps it would be a good use of my time to go stay there for a few days and do some work with the monks.


Music 🎶

I got a recap of what I listened to this year from the streaming service I use; unsurprisingly my №1 song was Deep Thoughts 001 by Giant Claw.


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