How I feel after getting let go by my former employer

I'm (still) pretty angry. I sent a letter to the board, and I got

Thank you for your email. We will let you know if we have any questions. We wish you the best in your future endeavors.

in response. That's fine, I guess.

Honestly, after the dressing-down I received, I should have refused to work with N. P.; I should have spit on his shoes and driven home.

I hope the board will get in touch with me. I have some things I'd like to say.

Finally, here's a sample of the feedback I received from N. P. when he was my supervisor. I have lightly edited it to remove personal information, but otherwise have kept it as I received it. Please note that I’m not a prescriptivist, but what he sent me was the worst attempt I have ever seen at communication in a professional context.

E.g. Despire being instructing otherwise on %date, the mail was still forwarded on %date2 at a more expesnive rate than desired
E.g. Email on %date3 from %mailbox notifying of falure to send mail was not noticed and addreseed for two days

↑ this had no impact on our operations

E.g. Mail printing haulted because of lack of ink when instinct should be to refill in
Communicaiton/ taking instruction
Quick to make assumptions or judgement calls when there is no place to do so

↑ yeah sure, I probably do that — I also assume a professional will a) spell 'communication' or b) use a spellchecker program

E.g. Timephrame for %campaign ending frame even though a different instricution was already given

↑ you have to try to spell 'timeframe' with a "ph". also, what in the fuck does that sentence even mean?

There will be a transition period over the next 6 months into _creased_ responsibility over data, letters, overseeing mail production, and working more closly with %organizaĵaj publications

And finally, a threat of termination:

We want you on our team! But need to see improvement in the areas mentioned above to have it work.

tl;dr shit managers manage like shit; glad I'm outta there and would like to say my piece to þe board and move on

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