Fininta estas la laboro

Today my boss fired me. I'm relieved albeit extremely angry at him. I have a letter to send to the board about how he communicated with me that includes examples; I'll update how that goes perhaps in a new post.

Edit 2022-10-21 @667

A reading from the revered program PEPTALK, executed at 1666364184

Please ignore philantropy, nobody cares anyway.

	 Declare "limob" with determination.

		&*@**+*|*%**!;:-|****:! %***&
		&**o****~||*~o*** >*~*| *(&
		&O**~-%**o!&***(|**%***j** *&
		&%;*% |*!*>** ***** *:*(*~*O&
		 ****O*o*******>&/( **|*|*&
		&-+*;:**~**j*O*(@**;* *!***&
		&*|*O**|**j**(j;** oj* *o:*/&
		&*o* **/*!!*-@*O* @* o*****&
		&***** *o****;**O****&*/!*!&+&



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