Hey Gemini, long time no see.

Hodiaŭ mi kunvenos kun mia estro, kaj mi konfrontos lin pri siaj komunikadoj. Ili estas neklaraj kaj diri kontraŭdirantajn mesaĝojn, t.e. mi ne scias ĉu li volas ke mi laboru por li. La laboro mem estas bona, kaj ĝi bonigas la vivon de malliberuloj, sed mi ne povas fari bone la laboron, kiam li min embuskas.

Poste la kunveno, mi ĝisdatigos ĉi skribaĵon kun rezultoj de diskutado.

Everything else has been fine, I hung out with friends (over discord) during the weekend, had a good hamburger, slept well (until the cat woke me up at 3am).

Kaj nun la presilo blokiĝis 🤬



Kio la FIK' tio estis. Mi estas joto for de forlasi ĉi tiu laboro. He simply confirmed the worst possible outcome, that is, he truly meant the bullshit he sent me.

He berated me on the 8th day of my employment for missing some zoom meetings when I was sick with coronavirus.

see here for more information about that [EO]

A few weeks ago he sent me a 'Personal Improvement Plan', which was 2 things combined: a list of small errors/annoying shit I've done, and a notice that my role is changing from one thing to the next. The plan is full of misspellings, which are easily ignored; what's not simple to gloss over is the accusations of not "absorbing instructions" and "Some of the errors notated ... came well after batch entry was understood, despite comments to the contrary in meeting". I'm not dealing with this anymore.

He made it clear to me that he sent those reprimands to me because *he* can't spend any more time fixing my errors, and that he needed to alleviate the area of biggest concern for *him* — never mind the fact that the errors wouldn't have happened if I had been onboarded properly. These errors, by the way, are me saying things like

"oh this campaign is ending on this day?"

and him saying

"no it ends on the 1st of the month",


"you put an 8 in the wrong cell on the timecard and I had to move it a few rows up".

He wants me to trust him, and needs that trust for our organization to be successful, but he dynamited that trust when the first in-person interaction I had with him was extremely negative.

My role changing is a welcome shift, but the only reason it's changing is that I'm not good enough to handle my current role without errors. Well intentioned? Maybe, but that's too much credit to give to that idiot.

Mi povus direkti pli bone nian organizaĵon ol li.

tl;dr verŝajne forlasos mian laboron ĉar mia rekta superulo ne povas komuniki home kaj ne ekzistas rimedo.

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