Frustrating work, good weekend before

I got an email this morning from the fellow who has me do the printing that said:

Why hadn't you told me you had used up all the back-up black toner cartridges?

So, because the printer has no ink, I can't finish the printing. Also my (work computer's) keyboard has stopped working. I'm pretty sure it's run out of charge and I left the cable at home. 😫 this whole print/mail process is so mickeymouse. I've gotten to the point where I don't put more effort into the print/mail process than what is minimally required.

That's just me complaining about work though. The weekend was good, I celebrated some birthdays with my family. I also had a nice chat with one of my friends from Romania.

TBH I'm feeling kinda overwhelmed with systems and abstractions. I feel like I need to do something simple and immediate (e.g. swing a kettlebell) for a while to get back into thinking abstractly.


Also, "Antenna without chuds" is an awful idea. Echo chambers are bad, and something like that would very quickly become such an echo chamber. Either way, I hate politics.

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