Frustrating weekend

This weekend sucked. I had absolutely no reason to be at the dance performance on Saturday (i.e. it was a huge waste of my time), I’m dreading going to work because of my boss, and the cat dumped a glass of water on my laptop.

My boss and I got off on the wrong foot, so I’ve been trying to compensate for the shite working relationship — it’s difficult to shrug it off when he berated me on my eighth day of employment for something that happened before I had signed an employment agreement. I’ll see what he has to say tomorrow, and if it’s more bulshytt• I’ll just roll my eyes.

Nekogda ne prěrvite protivnika tvojego, kogda on zablužaje. || Некогда не прєрвите противника твојего, когда он заблужаје.


• Technical and clinical term denoting speech (typically but not necessarily commercial or political) that employs euphemism, convenient vagueness, numbing repetition, and other such rhetorical subterfuges to create the impression that something has been said.


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