The cat woke me up three times last night

I love that cat — but I'm also really tired from her waking me up 3 times for food. Little bingus 😼.

Yesterday at 4:45pm I got an email from my supervisor listing all the mistakes I made that he had to "suss out and fixing [sic]". I almost sent a reply, but I was off the clock by then so lmao; guess I'll fix it on Monday. This could have been avoided if I had some decent onboarding or documentation — or if they had told me it was my responsibility to generate documentation for the job — alas, now I have to go back and redo a bunchǝ shit. I took my work email accounts offline for the weekend; if someone wants to get in touch they'll have to wait until Monday.

The show I'm not in is today, I hope I can go there and leave as quickly as possible. It's at the Romanian church festival, which will be kinda fun, but I don't want to stand around in the rain eating mici and varză for any longer than I have to.

This week was overall kinda disappointing. Yesterday was OK I guess. It's hard to feel positive.


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