Brandenburg concerto no. 3


What a frustrating day! This weekly mailing process sucks, and I’m doing my utmost to make it suck less. The guy who sends me what to print always spreads it over 3 emails; I asked him to send me a zip file to unpack (he uses Windows lmao); he flatly refused. 🤦

Dance practice tonight was a complete waste of time. I’m not in the show and we don’t practice steps, just suites, so I was standing in the corner noodling around on my phone.

It wasn’t all bad today, as I did get the mail prepped at least. I had some good cheese for lunch, and a nice cup of coffee this morning. I’ve been reading a book about the Federal Reserve and how ten years of quantitative easing torpedoed the American economy’s liveliness. I’ve just started, but it is remarkable (in my opinion) for an economics book to be as interesting as this is.

Anyway, I’m going to do some reading and then go to bed. Gn

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