La komenco de septembro, Teixcalaan

Hej hej popoloj

Things are alright; I feel like I don't have a ton to write about, but not every day can be super exciting. I finished (printing) a 1100-piece mailing today. The process we use at work is, putting it mildly, inefficient. Inshallah I can suggest some ✨optimizations✨, but no matter what happens, it'll be a slow process.

I finished the book 'A Memory called Empire' by Arkady Martine. It's fast paced, and I wish there was a little more time to get to know Teixcalaan, but thoroughly enjoyable. The book is why I wrote the last post, the goofy-ahh poem 😁

Wisdom brings patience, Patience brings wisdom,

It was great to see an author give a shit about linguistics when building a world. Teixcalaan doesn't throw apostrophes everywhere and call it a day, instead people are named with an auspicious number and an object e.g. Thirty Larkspur, Fifteen Engine, Eight Antidote, Six Direction, Twelve Acacia, Thirty-two All Terrain Vehicle, &c. &c.

It's a fun read. I caught myself wondering what Teixcalaan is like, how their poetry sounds, how their food tastes — then I remember it's all made up lol.

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