Biznesavojaĝo estas kompleta

So the business trip was good, lasting just a few days. My supervisor is alright, just not someone I'd like to spend time around. The board meeting was productive, and we have a good plan in place for the future. The hotel was nice, and I'm grateful to have been able to go.

I got home today. After landing, I helped a friend and his wife move furniture into their new apartment. A somewhat awkward fellow who seems to cultivate archaisms thinking that they're 'classy', as well as a pair of Russians were helping out as well. The awkward fellow is well meaning, if a little silly. I don't know if he knows how goofy he comes off.

Ја и једин руса јесмо разговарјали об језыках, особливо об украјинском и беларуском. Њему, и украјинскы и беларускы не сут """истинни""" језыкы, како бы они сут измысљени језыкы. Ја силно не соглашају. По мојему мнєњу, он не може оставити мнєња јего вслєд образовања јего был в "најпрвности" русској. Sad!

The other guy spoke only Russian. We had a good time, outside of the awkward conversation about languages.

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