Začto vy iščete živogo medžu mrtvymi?

Hi Gemini,

Happy Mother's Day! Today the grandparents came over for brunch. They seem to have completely recovered from þe Respiratorie Ailment, thank God. This whole weekend has been super busy, and I'm kinda glad it has been so.

It seems like coronavirus is hanging over us like a stormcloud once again. There's going to be a funeral at church in a few days for someone who died of covid. It's still paschatide, so the funeral will be like the Paschal matins mixed with a regular funeral, i.e. joyful sorrow. See the link below.

Paschal Stichera for a funeral

I'm really fighting with masking fatigue. It feels like we just got out of the woods with all of this, and now we're heading back in. Whatever, I'll put one on indoors or something, I don't care anymore. I'll keep people safe, it's basically effortless on my part. There are people I care about who are worried about coronavirus, so anything I can do to put them at ease and keep them safe I'll do.

Things so far are good. I'm working from home this coming week, which will be nice.

Go hug someone you love!

Jarky angel je skazal mirranositeljam: "Začto vy iščete živogo medžu mrtvymi?"
Яркы ангел сказал мирраносителям: "Зачто вы ищете живого меджу мъртвыми?"

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