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Tuesday, Jan 18th, 2022AD 

Hey gemini,

Every so often I really want to write down my thoughts, but when I sit down to do so, I somehow lose the gumption. Well, maybe gumption is the wrong word. It's the sort of weird temporary writer's block that probably affects any attempt at creativity, that is,

I can visualize what I what to {make, write, sculpt, &c.}, but now I have to actually produce it.

I dunno, for me the hardest part is always beginning, once I get something written I can easily keep going.

Up buttons

Some gemini browsers have a way to move up in the filestructure of a capsule, whether by a button on a toolbar or a keyboard shortcut. I recently found an extension for Firefox that does the same thing, and now I'm wondering why it's not included in more browsers by default.

It'd be easy to blame Chrome (and I do blame Chrome for the Web's sorry state), but I think the lack of an up button is because the Web is simply not as hierarchical as Gemini or Gopher. An up button is just not as useful there, though its still pretty cool to have one as an option.

Firefox sucks. but Chrome sucks more

Ok, so I use Firefox for work because I don't have admin rights on my work computer and I can't install anything not from the Micro$oft/Activision-Blizzard Store. Personally, I'd love to use Vivaldi or something, but whatever lol 🤷.

Ever since Mozilla put Firefox on the "catch up to Chrome" trajectory, I feel as if the quality of experience using Firefox has declined. For example, I prefer to have tabs underneath the address bar. It's what has kept me using Safari, even though there are definitely better options. You'd expect something like that to be a toggle in the customize menu in Firefox, but instead I had to mess with UserChrome.css and hack together a solution. Same with getting a sane menubar at the top of the window.

Enough bits have been written about how much Firefox redesigns suck, and they do suck a lot, but Chrome is worse in every way. Firefox is like

Versus Chrome, which is more like


we live in a society
t. joker

I typically use Safari, mostly to stay away from any Blink browsers. Opera should have stuck with their own engine. I have to spoof my user agent under Firefox to get work websites to cooperate. Reeeeeee 🐸




TV &c.

Anyway, thanks for reading. I have an account on Station now, same 3-letter username as here. Come visit sometime :)

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