New work, new attitude

Thursday, January 13th, 2022AD


I've started working at a new company. It's good so far. It's a corpojob, & I'm just learning how all these systems work. There's a lot of cybernetics (circles and cycles, not limb replacements) going on, and there are a lot of procedures I need to be mindful of. It reminds me of learning to drive tbh.

Attitude adjustment

Too often, I am too negative. I'll assume the worst and then tie myself into knots over it, or I'll take the least optimistic (but not necessarily the most pessimistic) stance on something. I'll think this way about dating, work, changing lanes on the highway, stuff like that. I think I need to learn how to relax my shoulders and let things be as they are.

Case in point: as I write, is inaccessable. I think it's a security issue, something is wrong with the certificate and so all connections are refused. I can't post this until later, and it's possible that the capsule is simply down. (note: the capsule is now up again)

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hahaha not right now, no time for anything other than youtube nonsense

Troparion and Kontakion for St. Nino

Troparion -- tone 4

O handmaid of the Word of God, who in preaching hast equaled the first-called Apostle Andrew, and hast emulated the other Apostles; O enlightener of Iberia and reed-pipe of the Holy Spirit, Holy Nino, equal to the Apostles: Pray to Christ God to save our souls

Kontakion -- tone 8

Because of your love of God you forsook a bed for rest, O Mother Nina, / you illumined your soul with fasting, thoroughly vanquishing your enemies; / but by your intercessions destroy the evil designs of our adversaries.

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