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Wednesday, December 8th, 2021AD ~@298

Hi again,

Dance on Monday night was alright. Just alright though, marginally better than before. Maestro hasn't been teaching us the steps, mostly just running through the suites and hoping that we learn on our own. I know that I'm improving, but it's frustrating to be pulled through these complex dances without having practiced the steps.

I've been anxious about work and getting a job with that residential management company. Supposedly, they're going to send me an offer before Thursday, but I haven't heard anything yet. Additionally, I'm feeling a little guilty about leaving my position at the high school as a tutor -- the tutoring program always needs more tutors and the kids are great to work with.

Speaking of anxiety, I'm trying to figure out if I have it or if whatever I've been feeling is depression(? idk lol) brought about by the pandemic or whatever. Feelings are hard.

At the recommendation of a Substack newsletter, I've started reading a book called "America Against America" by Wang Huning. In 1990, Mr. Huning published his book as an examination of American culture and society based on his experiences while travelling through the United States. It's not contemporary anymore, but many of Mr. Huning's observations ring true even today.

To be honest the book's kinda boring at times. I'm reading a translated copy that's been run through a few OCR algorithms I think, so there're a few weird sentences. Naturally, there are also Chinese idioms that were translated literally (e.g. 'yellow culture' is decadent behavior like gambling, drinking, &c.), which makes reading a little difficult at times. I still recommend the book, it is interesting even if you don't live in America.

I was looking at the Gemini Oracle, and I found an answer to a question that said that Gemini as a whole has a disappointing lack of rightist (rightoid?) political content. I agree.

The specific Gemini Oracle question

Ok, it's getting late. It's already been ~25 beats since I started writing. I'll write again soon.

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