Supreme disappointment, then a decent day

Schmood morning!

Friday, December 3rd, 2021AD ~@708

So, I applied to work at a company that

and I got rejected before even the first interview. They can only hire people in certain cities, as they're not a company based in the USA, but both the interviewer and I didn't know that until the day of the scheduled interview. I was super disappointed to get the news that I'm not able to work for them.

And right after I heard from the linguistics company, the residential management company sent me an email that basically said

hey uhh, so it's been a few weeks -- are you still interested?

These goofy headass hiring processes smh. At the very least I had some good vegan mushroom pâté.

The rest of the day

The rest of the day was alright. Not much to report. I'm looking forward to an update to Star Wars: The Old Republic in about two weeks. The thing to do now is keep moving forward.

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