Saturday post

Saturday, November 13th, 2021 AD

The first snow

It finally snowed today! As I write, there's maybe a half-inch of snow on the ground. I'm pretty excited. Hopefully it doesn't melt too quickly.

My sister got new glasses, but we had to drive back to the optician to get them readjusted. I was kinda annoyed at having to drive back, but it was worth it to get her glasses to fit properly.

I hung out with some friends over Discord tonight; we talked a lot about Dune (both the movies and the book.) My sister and I ate some leftover schnitzel and watched a documentary about the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum heist. I can't believe that those works are just *gone*, and that so much about the case is weird and really convenient for the thieves. The whole thing would have been avoided if the front door wasn't opened by the guards.

The cat has been kinda loud, though I think it's because she wants to cuddle. She has very short fur, so she might be cold now that winter's begun.

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