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The value of Gemini

Friday, November 12th, 2021 AD

Today the speeds provided by my ISP dipped so low that "normal" Web browsing became extremely inconvenient, i.e. "Web 2.0" sites loaded in chunks and barely functioned. I'm pretty sure that this is a problem on their end, as this has happened before and isn't really affected much by restarting the router. Living in Great Clapistan is great, but our infrastructure sucks.

Gemini is valuable to me because it's still usable when other more heavyweight protocols aren't. As many other people have said before, it's a shame that HTTP and the technologies behind the Web are so cumbersome.

And Gemini has Astrobotany, which is way cooler than anything the Web has 😁!

Thinking back to the pilgrimage

Today I thought back to the pilgrimage I went on in the summer, and how our guide's behavior was completely inappropriate and abusive. I feel like I need to let him know how much of an asshole he was, and that I never want to have anything to do with him again. I never managed to email the national office of the student group that he will lead trips with, but I don't think it'd be too late to do so. I think that if I ever saw him in person again, I'd have to walk away from him to keep from losing my temper.

Overall, a nice day

Today was a good day overall, although I did feel a little anxious in the afternoon. I hung out with some friends and ate pizza with them, drank a beer and some tea, and am looking forward to sleeping.

The forecast predicts snow accumulation of about 2 inches on Saturday night, which is kinda exciting. After an extremely hot summer and a bizarrely warm fall, it's good to see some wintery weather on the way.

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